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Eash semester, during finals, the Bookstore will buyback your textbooks.

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BOOK BUYBACK - May 7th-9th

The next Textbook Buyback will be held in the LRSC Student Union, May 7th-9th from 9:00am-3:30pm each day.  The first day of textbook buyback (Tuesday the 7th) is reserved for those students that purchased their books from the LRSC Bookstore and have their receipts or proof of purchase.  You will need to have your student ID or a picture ID and your student number when selling back textbooks.



Bookstore Buyback Policy

Our policy is to buy every book we possibly can, offering you as much as we can. We hope the following information will  explain how the process of book buyback works.

  • Books that have been ordered by professors for the next term, needed for store stock, will be purchased at 1/2 the selling price during our end of term buyback.
  • It is advisable to sell your books as soon as possible during the end of term buyback.
  • The quantity of books needed for any given class varies from term to term. The bookstore will only buy back the quantity needed for the upcoming term. When that need is filled, the wholesale value will be offered, if one exists. The wholesale value is determined by the used book wholesale companies, based on the national demand for the book. Some books do not have a resale value and will not be purchased. 
  • Damaged books, or books in poor condition, will not be bought. This includes missing or loose pages, broken bindings, water damage, or excessive writing. 
  • Professors, not the bookstore, determine which books are used for classes. Professors are responsible for notifying the bookstore of their book selection in a timely fashion.  This allows the bookstore may purchase as many used books from our students as possible.
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